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Wonderful moments of golf competition

2022-07-01 04:27Hong Kong Golf Club
Summary: The composition requires the feelings after playing golfGo to Dayi and have a fightFifth grade volume 1 Chinese unit 3 composition writing an expository text 500 words should be uniqueWhen the competi
The composition requires the feelings after playing golf
Go to Dayi and have a fightFifth grade volume 1 Chinese unit 3 composition writing an expository text 500 words should be unique
When the competition is going on, each player is responsible for making the competition fair and just; And based on the spirit of fair competition, each choice should require himself to become a referee who abides by the rules. To hit the ball into the hole by hitting the ball, the so-called basic principle of golf is to hit a ball continuously from the table until it enters the hole. JaneLearn to play Hengshan water golf
The first time I played golf on a sunny Saturday, I participated in the activity of playing golf in Wolong Lake organized by the Le Xue little reporter. Wolong Lake is a beautiful place with beautiful mountains and rivers and fresh air. It is very suitable for sports and leisure. Wu Jiaolian first showed us the basic movements of playing golf, such as how to grasp the club and how to play golfMy extracurricular life learning to play golf composition 300 words
Today, my father finally had time to take me to Jiulongshan golf club. The grass on the golf course is green. On the grass, there are more than a dozen signs, which are "50 yards", "100 yards" and "200 yards"... I took the club and jumped to a position. Then I held the club tightly with both hands and played a ballDuring the summer vacation, I learned to play golf composition
This afternoon, it was gray and drizzling. But the weather has not affected my happy mood, because I want to participate in golf activities. Mom and dad told me that the opportunity is very rare! We must study hard! Dad took itI learned to play golf
Finally, under the guidance of the teacher, we came to the small open space next to the golf club. First, coach Gao explained the golf knowledge and history, and then taught us how to hold the club. Another coach demonstrated: open the palm of the right hand, the palm is facing the target direction, close to the right side of the club handle, and the palm of the left hand is downBeautiful golf scene 00 words third grade composition scenery
On August 2, 2011, I participated in the outdoor sketching activity organized by Tai O art. I arrived at school early, changed my T-shirt, andWonderful moments of golf competition sat in the classroom with my companions waiting. It's a little overcast today, but it doesn't affect our mood. In the classroom, everyone was very excited and talked to his companionsGolf composition
It made me jump more than three feet with joy. Finally, several of our families had a small competition. Unexpectedly, our family was not good at cooking, and we all got a prize - a golf jersey for each person. Time passed quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, we finished playing golf. We had a good time today. I must come next timeA composition
During the summer vacation, my family returned to Taichung for a week. I felt the happiest day was the day I went to FengyuanHow to write the imaginary Golf Club
"Golf" is a transliteratiWonderful moments of golf competitionon of golf, which is composed of the initials of four English words. They are green, oxygen, light and friendship. It means "e; Green, oxygen, sunshine, friendship;, It is a kind of sport that integrates enjoying the fun of nature, physical exercise and games
Wonderful moments of golf competition

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