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Liuluanxiong auctioned golf balls liuluanxiong and caishaofen

2022-06-24 01:15Hong Kong Golf Club
Summary: Why didn't liuluanxiong, who had chased caishaofen to throw a hundred million dollars, finally get the beauty backLiuluanxiong and caishaofen were not normal boyfriend and girlfriend. Caishaofen wa
Why didn't liuluanxiong, who had chased caishaofen to throw a hundred million dollars, finally get the beauty back
Liuluanxiong and caishaofen were not normal boyfriend and girlfriend. Caishaofen was just one of liuluanxiong's many girlfriends at that time, not to mentionLiuluanxiong was "trapped" by love all his life. Guanzhilin's reluctance and helplessness made him the biggest stain. There was a conflict between them
After seven years of contact between the two people, the event that changed Guan Zhilin's fate, the legendary "Golf incident", later Guan Zhilin received 20million compensation. However, this did not stop the public opinion. Guanzhilin was in great pain because of the social wind reviewLiuluanxiong's health deteriorated, and he will reappear the battle between rich and powerful families for family property. Will the 2.1 billion yuan property be divided in this way
Lau Luan Hsiung is not only a rich man in Hong Kong, but also the richest man with the most stories in Hong Kong. Because there are so many beautiful Hong Kong actresses who have had affairs with them. Liuluanxiong, who has both wealth and sex, is even more famous. At one time, many women wanted to sit on the rich man's thigh. Mention the rich and powerfulLi Jiaxin golf event
Sb was a good thing under the name of Guan Zhilin. The man at that time was liuluanxiong. Liuluanxiong wanted to try how broad Guan Zhilin's lower body was, so he stuffed two balls into it. Later, he couldn't get them out, so he had to go to the hospital. The news came from the hospital. At that time, the reporters surrounded the hospital and reported. This is a true factHow is liuluanxiong, a billionaire, doing now because he indulged himself too much
However, for liuluanxiong, how could he only prefer one girl? Before long, the two announced their separation. Later, liuluanxiong and guanzhilin saw each other right. Because guanzhilin is very sensible, liuluanxiong especially likes her and even says she is the most gentle woman. But with the golf incidentWhat the hell is going on with the golf incident
In 1992, guanzhilin fell in love with Hong Kong tycoon liuluanxiong, and liuluanxiong also loved guanzhilin. He bought him a car, a house, jewelry, antiques and so on. It is said that he also wrote a director of a company to guanzhilin's name, which is very heroic to guanzhilin. But behind such a rich manWhich actress was stuffed with golf balls
Liuluanxiong is also very generous about guanzhilin. He never shows mercy on famous cars and luxury houses. However, liuluanxiong's "hobby" is very abnormal. The "Golf" incident made guanzhilin the queen of the topic. It is said that she was stuffed with two golf ballsWhy was Guan Zhilin, now worth 500million yuan, once accused of "money seeking vanity"
The golf event spread on the Internet made netizens think that Guan Zhilin was too materialistic. Guanzhilin once claimed that she entered the entertainment circle because she Liuluanxiong auctioned golf balls  liuluanxiong and caishaofenhad no money at home and needed to make money to support her family, which led to her mentality of looking for a long-term meal ticket after entering the circleBig Liu has ten million golf balls and plays two. How can I say
Ten million one ball is often said by those who gamble. For example, the five major European football leagues are often used by some people to gamble. Some gambling makers or gamblers place large bets. Maybe they bet 10million yuan a gameWhy did liuluanxiong keep golf
Have you heard? There is a company specializing in the trading of second-hand golf clubs, as well as the golf printing business. There are also some antique golf clubs from abroad that are of great collection value. It seems that they are called ruigao golf. Without their home phone, you can search them. As for the ball jam, they can talk about it at leisure and listen to it
Liuluanxiong auctioned golf balls liuluanxiong and caishaofen

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