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When trump played golf, he claimed to work for voters

2022-06-23 20:35Hong Kong Golf Club
Summary: Why is trump called a golferThat year, trump made a strong attack on Obama playing golf on weekends, saying that if he was the president, he would not play golf, but would work for the voters. Recentl
Why is trump called a golfer
That year, trump made a strong attack on Obama playing golf on weekends, saying that if he was the president, he would not play golf, but would work for the voters. Recently, US President trump, who should attend the G20 summit, appeared at the golf club in Virginia. According to the latest reportBarron trump, 15, plays golf with a pale face but rarely smiles. What do you think of that_ Baidu
Former U.S. President donaldtrump continued his hobby on weekends. He wore a little red riding hood at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, and played golf with his golfers. Although the 74 year old trump was the most common place to appear after leaving Washington, D.C., the golf courseTwo English words have been searched by social media in the United States. What's going on
However, the most wonderful thing is that Lao te even went to Florida to play golf. Anger is escalating and spreading. An American netizen asked sharply and humorously that they did not want to improve the treatment of the United States. They don't want to give you unemployment benefits. They spend your money on vacations, golf and skiing. They are laughing at you. SomeRidiculous. I'll win whatever I do
Regarding the fact that the team of current US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agreed to the recount of votes in Wisconsin, US President elect trump said on the 27th that even if illegal votes were excluded, he would get more votes than Hillary Clinton. Trump left his private golf club in Florida on the 27th and left for New YorkUS President trump gave a passionate speech for the vote. What kind of physical exercise does he do? Is he in such good health_ Baidu
He may have been born. As an arrogant man like trump, he likes to exercise regularly. He often insists on playing golf and exercising regularly. There are also some large speeches. It can be seen that his speech is like exercise. Such speeches should be made for a long timeDoes Abe trump eat hamburgers and learn golf to deepen trust through common interests
It was reported on the 5th that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President trump played nine holes in about two hours at the Xiaguan Country Club in Chuanyue City, Saitama PrWhen trump played golf, he claimed to work for votersefecture, accompanied by male golf professional Hideki Matsuyama. The purpose of this move is to carry out "Golf diplomacy", that is, to deepen the trust relationship through common interestAbe and trump play golf again. Will they wrestle this time
While Abe was elated with his "Golf diplomacy" and seemed to "forget the pain after the scar is healed", the Japanese media reviewed the embarrassing experience of Abe playing with trump last time. In november2017, during US President Trump's visit to Japan, Abe accompanied trump to play golfIt's me. There's nothing wrong with that. Trump's former political adviser said that he had been in private with Russian hackers
On July 14 local time, trump was interviewed by CBS Evening News reporter Jeff glor at his golf course in Scotland. When asked whether he would consider extraditing the 26 Russian suspects to the United States, trump said: "well, maybe. I haven't really thought about it. But I will certainly ask. But that
Has trump become the richest president in American history
More than half of these industries are promoted in Trump's name. The group's businesses range from commercial housing, hotels, golf courses, wineries to catering, beauty pageant, retail, etc. Before becoming president, trump was chairman and president. After becoming president, the business of the group was managed by his two sons, don Jr. and EricHow did trump make fun of Biden when he gave a speech under high temperature
Although age can not deny a person's ability, his physical condition can indeed change under high-intensity work. Therefore, we see that trump was in high spirits when he appeared in front of the media. Under such an epidemic situation, he still can't stop trump from playing golf
When trump played golf, he claimed to work for voters

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