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Zhejiang golf cart motor maintenance model: lx-a627

2022-06-30 14:04Golf bag store
Summary: What does the golf machine repair do? Hurry! Thank youAll the equipment in golf, I am a mechanicHow much is the four seat golf cart? What are the specific parametersModel: lx-a627What are the componen
What does the golf machine repair do? Hurry! Thank you
All the equipment in golf, I am a mechanic
How much is the four seat golf cart? What are Zhejiang golf cart motor maintenance  model: lx-a627the specific parameters
Model: lx-a627What are the components of a golf cart
Golf cart (DG-C4) golf cart (DG-C4) product introduction » Model: DG-C4 net weight: 360kg (including battery) motor: 48v3kw load: 4600kg battery: 8v192ah 6 seats: 4 chargers: intelligent wheelbase: 2420mm transmission: stepless variable speed accelerator front wheelbase:About the golf cart
Performance and parameters of sdy-2g golf cart rated passenger: 2 seats maximum full load speed per hour: 20km overall dimension (length wide Height): 2320 one thousand and two hundred 1680mm maximum braking distance: ≤ 5m maximum climbing capacity: 20% 30 minimum turning radius: 4m primary charging stroke: 80km noise: < 70db 。Where is the golf cart maintenance manual
The front and rear wheels are not flexible, which will increase the rotation friction, increase the power consumption, and reduce the driving range. Therefore, in case of any fault, it shall be lubricated and maintained in time. Generally, grease, calcium base or lithium base grease shall be used for lubrication; If it is the axle skin fault, the steel ball or axle skin can be replacedOur company makes golf carts with domestic batteries, but there are often problems. Listen to them
Most domestic batteries are OK as car batteries. Once they are made as battery cars, their endurance is very poor. Trojan is Qiu Jian's battery. Many imported golf carts use this kind of battery as power. At present, the selling price of this kind of battery is more than 1000 yuan. Our golf course cart has all installed this kind of batteryRepair golf cart
Golf related questions can be found in Golf Pass reference: Golf Pass
What is the reason that the golf door glass can not be raised or lowered
The window glass can't be raised or lowered. The switch is OK. The wiring is OK. The motor is OK. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't work. When it doesn't work, the relay doesn't respond. When it can be used, the window regulator can not be lowered. Three common fault causes and maintenance methods: Glass vibration and abnormal noise. ThisHow to learn to match a new motor for a four-wheel electric vehicle
Generally, for motors with an angle of 60 , there are only two correct connections: one positive connection and the other negative connection; For motors with an angle of 120 , there are six correct connections, three positive and three negative. Four wheel electric vehicles refer to pure electric vehicles with a maximum speed of less than 50 km / h. Four wheel electric vehicles include electric sightseeing cars, electric golf carts and electric patrol carsReplacement procedure of golf 6 flap motor
Different batches of vehicles are equipped with different) and then replace with a new motor. To remove the motor, it is necessary to remove the central control panel, instrument panelZhejiang golf cart motor maintenance  model: lx-a627 and other large parts. There are two motors. The direction flap controls the wind direction, and the hot and cold flap controls the air outlet temperature. There are five wires on each motor, two wires are for the motor, and three wires are for the position sensor
Zhejiang golf cart motor maintenance model: lx-a627

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