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Shenzhen Golf Company membership card

2022-06-24 07:46Golf bag store
Summary: What kind of membership does Shenzhen Guangming golf club haveGreen fee Monday to Friday member guests 175, 350 visitors 300, 600 weekend and holiday member guests 250, 500 visitors 450, 900 caddy fee
What kind of membership does Shenzhen Guangming golf club have
Green fee Monday to Friday member guests 175, 350 visitors 300, 600 weekend and holiday member guests 250, 500 visitors 450, 900 caddy fee 75, 150 golf cart fee 100, 200 (golf cart for two people) insurance fee 55 sightseeingIs anyone a member of Shenzhen Shahe golf club? Because a friend wants to play golf, but this family only
It is not the introduction of the member, but the guests brought by the member can play. That is to say, only those who must go with the member can enjoy the guest qualificatiShenzhen Golf Company membership cardon. If you are not a member and no member friends go with you, you can try to find a local booking company. May be able to help book the venue, but there will certainly be some expenses ~What are the membership types and prices of Mission Hills Golf Course in Shenzhen
There are five kinds in total: licensed Diamond Membership Diamond Membership gold card membership emerald membership Ruby membership but the official website has not announced the price is estimated to be floating
How about golf membership card without annual fee
Among them, the green fee is the most expensive, accounting for 60% or more. Guests' green fee is slightly cheaper than visitors' green fee. Members are free of green fee. Therefore, for the same game, the price of members is much cheaper. The annual fee is the annual management fee charged by the stadium for members, which is generally about several thousand yuanHow to apply for golf membership card
You can also go to the sales branch of the stadium to buy. I recommend you several local stadiums < Kunming Chuncheng Shenzhen Golf Company membership cardgolf >& lt; Shanghai Sheshan golf >& lt; Beijing Huabin Manor Golf >& lt; Shaoxing Jianhu golf > I mainly recommend Shaoxing Jianhu golf. The scenery is very beautiful and the golf course is very difficult. Anyone who wants to go can consider itHow much is a golf member a month
A master card member of each member of the honorary person can apply for a supplementary card for his spouse and not more than two children under the age of 21 to become a supplementary card member. (the company's membership does not enjoy the right to apply for supplementary cards) members are entitled to use 36 hole golf courses (including 9-hole light courses) during the business hours of the clubHow do I get a card for Mission Hills Golf Course- Ask
4. The card issue date is 2-3 weeks after the transfer fee is paid! The whole process will take about 2 months! Get a new membership card number (during the epidemic, the card number will be given first, and the membership card will be supplemented later) and enjoy the treatment of members! The procedures are not complicatedHow much does it cost to play golf in Shenzhen
If you don't have a membership card, you can book a course through an intermediary company. Generally, the course costs about 600 or 700 yuan on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and about 900 or 1000 yuan on holidays (legal holidays and weekends). If you book a very good course, it costs about 12000 yuan on weekdays and 2300 yuan on holidaysHow much does Guanlan Golf gold card cost
Guanlan Golf Club gold card membership: indivShenzhen Golf Company membership cardidual 680000 company (1 person) 730000 company (2 persons) 988000
About golf membership
Individual membership is registered, Shenzhen Golf Company membership cardso only one person can use it, and others can only use it as guests, so this membership is the cheapest. Family membership is generally four people, two adults and two children. The membership of children is terminated at the age of 18, and two membership fees are charged. The company membership is anonymous
Shenzhen Golf Company membership card

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