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Rulong 7 Golf Introduction PS2 Rulong 1 graphic introduction

2022-06-24 04:13Golf bag store
Summary: PS2 Rulong 1 graphic introductionUrgent request!!! Like PS2 Rulong 2 graphic strategy How to play Rulong 3 GolfGolf is a sport that pays great at
PS2 Rulong 1 graphic introduction
Urgent request!!! Like PS2 Rulong 2 graphic strategy
How to play Rulong 3 Golf
Golf is a sport that pays great Rulong 7 Golf Introduction  PS2 Rulong 1 graphic introductionattention to etiquette and skills. Before leaving the court, you should learn various golf hitting techniques and understand golf etiquette and rules. At present, many cities have golf driving ranges. You can go to the driving range to find a coach to practice your swing skills
How to play Rulong 7 curve ball
Follow the tutorial. Before playing in the game such as dragon 7, there will be a novice tutorial guide. You can hit the curve ball directly according to the guideHow to trigger rulongji branch line 57
For example, try the three difficulties related to Yamen in the 57 task introduction of Longji branch line. Then, in the task of the labor contractor, there is a branch line task with two Yamen. Go to complete it. Finally, there is a fighting skill field. It is estimated that it will reach the s level. The SMS of Xitian is new and covers the oldRulong 7 home run skills
A 100 point bat can increase the hit range, but the score becomes 0.7 times. With a 1000 point bat, the hit range is reduced, but the score is 1.5 times. Each round needs to complete 8 home runs, and then enter the next round. The scarlet letter is the position of the last two times, and the words of the first eight full hits are unnecessaryRulong 1 whole branch mission introduction
2018-01-28 "Introduction to the whole branch line task Rulong 6 how to do the branch line task 2017-01-08 how to do the branch line task of Rulong hungry children 1 2014-04-14 PS3 Rulong 1+2hd, does anyone have the plot strategy of generation 1? 4. On August 17, 2018, "rulongji 2" how to make branches at the trigger location of the whole branch lineWhat is the maximum amount given by the shareholders' meeting of Rulong 7
It is recommended that players bring cock Goo Goo or buy DLC to obtain higher grade employees by completing branch missions. They should give priority to attacking angry shareholders, so as to obtain higher support. If necessary, they should always apologize to delay time. Rulong 7's strategy for the general meeting of shareholders has set up 4 employees to deal with the battle of the general meeting of shareholders in advanceHow to play dragon 7pia
Rulong 7 introduction to Bai qingsao's playing methods Bai qingsao in the pia store is arranged in four rows on the left. The four color machines correspond to the four theme Bai qingsao. Because I didn't download DLC, I couldn't experience the following two types of Bai qingsao. In the actual process of money brushing, Hades (red) is more efficient than the fist of Heaven (blue)Aunt rulongji 2's tragedy chapter
For example, in Chapter 10 of the tragedy of aunt Longji 2, the triggering place of the tragic aunt branch line is near the taxi boarding point in the southeast of cangtianhori Zhaofu town. For example, the trigger condition and receiving location of each branch line task of Longji 2: be my baby (triggered at night). Legendary man (triggered at night). Underground mine (triggered at night, accurate
Rulongji 2 cannot play golf
Play casually at the primary level, and watch the wind direction and other factors after the intermediate level. "Dragon pole 2" needs to meet various needs of remote, among which bingo golf is very difficult for many players. Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. In the early stage, golf was played by princes and nobles. With the popularization and development of golf tools
Rulong 7 Golf Introduction PS2 Rulong 1 graphic introduction

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